Tops for women – what do women really prefer?

topsJust like us men, women like to be comfortable, predominantly at home, in a casual situation. Although men would like nothing more than to enjoy female charms throughout the day, such an access is rather restricted. There is one upside, though, in married life – and most married men will agree – women do tend to not really obsess with the intention to hide their attributes, or rather, casual wear does allow a glimpse or two. In any case, the reality is such that women do like to wear clothes that are not as restricting as our eye would like.

At home, women like to wear loose clothes and very often disregard the bra. Particularly women that do not have large breasts rather walk around without a bra in a loosely fitting shirt, t-shirt or even tank top. Large breasted women tend to keep the bra on as much as possible, because of the weight support. Those breasts can get heavy and women do get back pains because of that. Large breasts are rather a nuisance for women, another thing where women are smarter and more practical than men.

Outside, women do like to appeal to male onlookers, but despite candid visibility, like to rather be dressed nicely or according to their sense of fashion, than to appear overly sexy. There are situations where women make quite a display, mainly when there is someone they fancy or when there is someone they perceive as a competing female entity. Women will almost never wear something men find sexy and revealing, unless they are in love and would like to please the man they fancy.

Tops for women do wildly vary, in shape, colour, size and coverage. There are fabrics being used to manufacture tops that go beyond counting, with new ideas popping up every day. From liquid latex, body painting and PVC fetish to leather jackets, faux fur and simple coats, every woman has her own individual fashion sense, something that is her own flair, an expression of her personality and perception of beauty. Just like every woman is unique, so is her fashion sense, therefore tops for women will vary for and on every single woman out there.  It really enhances the admiration of men, this being unique, but such is life, an endless journey towards the ultimate companionship, the enjoyment of being different, the embracing of all things that unite us.

Skinny tops

skinny_top_nude_square_webSince that we handled the bra, we might as well speak about the stuff that comes next – skinny tops for women. If you have a rather shapely significant other, I am talking to the male audience now, there is nothing better than a skinny top. Skinny tops are the best invention ever. Not only do they enhance the shape of the female anatomy, but allow the imagination to almost exactly detect the riches hidden beneath; particularly if the aforementioned bra is not a part of the outfit.

Starting with skinny tank tops, skinny shirts, skinny t-shirts, skinny blouses – please do not get me started. Skinny tops for women are always putting a smile on a man’s face, followed by a deep sigh. As a matter of fact, most women should wear skinny tops, whereby undergarments should, if there are any, be of the shapewear kind. I know it is probably considered shallow and even sexist to have such an approach on women’s apparel, but I cannot help it. I adore female anatomy and would like nothing more than an unobstructed view and a chance to admire it. Since that we live in a prudish society – Ancient Egypt, where art thou – I have to put up with garments as far as the eye goes. Naturally I prefer to rest my eyes on an appealing subject, hence skinny tops.

In the skinny tops category fall all the alternate clothing solutions, which include tops featuring stretchable materials, most prominently camisoles out of spandex, leather or even latex. There is nothing as revealing as latex. For that very reason, such garments, despite being foundation garments, fall into fetish categories. But if you intend to wear a skinny top, but would like to have a bit of support underneath, the most enticing solution would be such a latex top, where the lady gets the support and coverage, but the gentleman gets the almost unobstructed view beneath the skinny top and everybody is happy.

Brassiere, or rather how does one really un-snap that thing without breaking it

shapeThe history of the bra is simple. In the early days, whereby remnants of paintings have been discovered dating back to Ancient Greece, women did wear some sort of a bra, which usually was a cloth wrapped around the breasts and affixed somehow to stay in place. There was no Velcro, there were no buttons yet, at least not in the commonly used sense. Most likely it was simply tied in the back. In any case the paintings are still around, there is even a famous wall painting on a wall in Pompeii, but the picture is a bit PG-16. In any case, it is clear that such garments, which can be called foundation garments or shaping underwear, have been around for a while now.

The purpose of such a garment, or rather why women wear them, varies. It started as shapewear, rather than support, but both were welcome. It did provide a certain amount of comfort, particularly large breasted women did need ample support, in order to avoid back pain. Social expectations were almost always an issue, while it is really nice to see a good looking female wearing no bra underneath her clothing, such an occurrence was not always acceptable. In recent times, shapewear is more popular than ever and aiding as well as sculpting the breast is one of the purposes often noted.

However, the term itself is just a little over a hundred years old. It did come from a French word, but was ported initially for advertising purposes and later was even entered into the Oxford English Dictionary. The later shortening of the term was almost expected, nowadays everybody uses the term bra rather than the full term. Very often nowadays, when tops for women are mentioned, people actually seem to think about bras rather than shirts, pullovers, sweaters, coats, blouses and whatever else is there.

The mechanical design is very elaborate but simple, like all ingenious inventions are. Designers have a lot of trouble properly solving all the mechanical problems that exist in building a supporting yet unobtrusive garment for two rather not solid, but attached to the body units; with the capability to accommodate variable shapes and sizes, as well as the three dimensional movements of the units and the host body. Let us not forget the gravity and inertial forces, tangential forces and who knows what else. I believe that if Einstein were alive, they would have him fix the calculations, rather than figure it out on their own. A rather tough task on a tailor, I would say.

Cavewomen and Eve

on555462-02vliv01Depending on which theory you prefer, you are either a descendant of apes or some holy or maybe even unholy creature or God created you. In the case of former, your ancestors did not wear anything but the fur they grew themselves. In the case of latter, descriptions do vary, but when speaking of Eve, the creator provided her with garments, before he kicked her and her husband out of Garden Eden. There is no historical reference, or rather archeological reference of who invented clothing. This is probably because some person would prove being a descendant of said inventor and would sue the world for lost licensing contributions, probably even retroactively.

In any case, tops for women were not very popular way back when, particularly in Ancient Egypt, women usually wore next to nothing, covering the upper body. Most such ancient cultures, as a matter of fact, did not have any tops for women for a long time. Those were the times, I say! On a serious note, garments for the upper body were used when they were needed, mostly depending on the weather conditions. With the passing of time, people started wearing more and more clothing, until the time where they were walking around covered from head to toe. Some Arabic or rather countries with predominant Muslim population, still have women wear very modest attire, covering almost everything, including the face and hair.

Today, it is generally morally expected that a woman wears something to cover her upper body, preferably with a bra underneath, in most countries it is also embedded within the law, whereby any indecent exposure is deemed punishable by law. Since the feminist revolution, or rather since that men finally stopped being cavemen and allowed women essentially freedoms they should have always had, in countries where culturally and intellectually people are on a decent level, women are permitted to bare their breasts in cases when they breastfeed children and even when they are sunbathing at designated places.

Other than that, all females, almost all over the world – except for places where primitive cultures still exist, like in some tribes in Africa and South America – need to cover their upper body with appropriate attire. Such tops for women mainly include undergarments, whereby brassiere is most popular. Similar shapewear does exist, starting with the sports bra and ending with some more kinky versions including latex and PVC tops, variations are always welcome and have been embraced by men and women alike, albeit in a very different fashion.

Further above, women tend to wear almost any interesting garment there is, including sometimes male shirts, which male partners do find rather sexy. As I said and if you are male, dear reader, you already know, almost anything the woman would put on top is sexy, as long as the shape of the beauty underneath is either partially visible or properly outlined. With that in mind, perhaps we should have a look at some of the stuff women put for us on their upper body, which just makes us wish even more to discover the secrets underneath – I hope you finally understand what Victoria’s Secret is all about.

Tops for women, or rather, which kind of coverage for the cleavage?

Ever since the dawn of men, no matter which of the versions you do prefer, men have been interested in women and particularly in the bosom part of the female anatomy: Adam looked upon the woman God created and saw, well, you can guess what he saw, since that she did not wear any clothes; on the other hand, the early human came out of his cave in pursuit of mating, found a suitable specimen and very likely recognized her by her chest area.

There is also that joke, where a billionaire gives a million dollars to each of his three prospective female companions, so that he can pick one of them to be his mate. To make the long story short, in the end he picked the one with the largest breasts. The breast obsession of men has been extensively documented, elaborated on, discussed, explained, researched, not the least prominently by Dr. Sigmund Freud, but the one fact remains, men adore, worship female anatomy and most particularly the sizable objects mentioned, whereby size may and does significantly vary, as does the shape.

In any case, similarly is the male obsession with anything a woman would use as a top, starting with the brassiere and ending with any kind of upper body coverage, the smaller, skimpier, the better – for men, not for women – providing for ample expenditure possibilities excessively used and abused by various merchants, couturiers and providers of said garments. The availability of garments for the female top varies and is abundantly available, nevertheless, I would try and explore some of the available fashion, not necessarily of the haute kind, but very much of the kind that is easily removed.

Although my name is Theodor, I assure you that I am not a stuffy white-haired gentleman with a pipe in my mouth, elaborating on a topic that I like to muse aboutafter a good cup of tea. I do like my cup of tea, but I do not smoke and gray hairs are still a few or more years away. I am a fashion expert, more interested in the topic than the average man, because I do not like to observe only the hidden treasures, but also the treasures that are hiding them. I hope you will enjoy our little journey into the world of fashion for women, the top, as much as I am enjoying writing about it. Let us start with the overview of how it all begun.